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She later met her brother back in his room, claiming gleefully that she heard her grandfather sentence him to death.

However, her mental instability still weakened her battlefield prowess, and this ultimately resulted in her defeat at the hands of Katara.

Zuko was next to intervene, firmly asking Azula to release Kei Lo, to which Azula mocked what she believed to be a depressing attempt of Zuko to win back Mai.

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Azula and Zuko recalled the times they used to see the play and how they acted out the battle scene; Azula bragged she made a better Dragon Emperor, which is why she took up the role between the two.

The princess cut the story short and asked about Ursa, to which Misu replied that neither she nor Rafa had seen her.

Despite her state of mind, her attacks on Zuko and Katara during her final duel proved ferocious and destructive, and she was still able to fire lightning accurately.

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She became so enraged when her old mentors proposed to postpone her coronation, that she momentarily forgot they were not firebenders and ordered them to fight an Agni Kai with each other.

Azula went back on her promise, reasoning that if they are free, they will eventually tell their parents and Zuko where they had kept them, and thus she kept the key to their cell.

When Azulon ordered everyone except Ozai out of the room, Azula grabbed her brother and hid behind the curtains.

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Azula subsequently left Forgetful Valley and helped her friends escape from the institution, including Zirin.

Azula was admitted into a mental health facility on a nearby island in the Fire Nation, where she was closely monitored and observed.

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In the end, however, she abandoned both of these goals once Zuko revealed that he would care for her unconditionally no matter what.

She thus revealed her own plans to find and kill Ursa herself in order to stop her once and for all.

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